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The season of “refirement” was something I chose to embrace instead of a life of retirement. But it did not happen instantly. As I accepted the challenge to write a book and fulfill a dream from within, I had to take quality time to reflect, grieve, and then process. Finally, I understood my unique purpose in life. Permit me to share…

There was a theme that ran throughout my life. I finally recognized it was intentionally designed. Taking time to piece together childhood recollections, true stories, and real-life heroes from various decades in my life, I discovered how they seamlessly fell into place collectively under the same topic. This hidden thread I’ve evidently ignored for quite some time has been my lifelong companion. 

I was able to acknowledge this subject and was excited to share what I learned with joy and heartache too. In reality, this gift was the very root of my life’s passion. It’s a two-syllable word comprised of only five letters: M–E–R–C–Y. 

In my earlier years, mercy was misdefined. 

  • As a young adult, mercy became manifested.
  • When I willingly embraced additional roles in life, mercy materialized.
  • And through numerous seasons and valued connections, mercy continues to be mobilized

Are you ready to continue on your own path of mercy?

Linda & Mike Oberbrunner

I have a heart that deeply loves my family and always have a place in it for hurting people, too.

I love hearing the life stories of others and always encourage others to choose LIFE.

I am up for a scrabble game anytime and find competition surfaces in most everyone of any age.

I garden to join God in growing  colorful flowers and tasty vegetables and harvest parallel Truths.

I enjoy dark chocolate, any chicken, and roasted Brussels sprouts and choose to share willingly.

I love sparkly things and see true beauty in the worn face and dirty clothing of the homeless.

I discovered you can think you give generously and realized you can never, ever out give God.

I used to feel busyness equated with my value and learned the true worth of rest in God’s Word.

I never considered the challenge to become an author and finally chose vulnerability and personal growth.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness. 

Lamentations 3:22–23